New Skaters

Welcome to Bay State Speedskating! This is the place to start if you’re interested in skating with us.

We welcome everyone who wants to come and try the exciting sport of Short Track Speedskating. We have had skaters ranging from 5-70 years old. All are welcome, regardless of age or ability, although it’s often helpful to have some basic skating skills.

We do not offer formal lessons; instead, we include all skaters in all of our practice sessions. Skaters will be broken out into groups depending on ability. Typically there are 3-4 different groups of skaters on the ice at a session, ranging from novice to expert.

See our Calendar and Locations for when and where we are skating.

To skate with us, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Register as a member on our online registration page. The first year is free; register as a “New Skater”.  This includes acknowledging a liability waiver, so we really need you to do this. If needed, this can be filled out on paper when you come for your first session.
  • Print and fill out a US Speedskating One-Day, One-Dollar Membership to bring with you to the rink. If you can’t fill out the form ahead of time, we’ll have one at the rink. As the name implies, you’ll need to bring $1 with you for the one day of membership.
  • Email us at to let us know you are coming.
  • Come to the rink and ask for Jen Kola or look for someone with speedskates and introduce yourself as a new skater and they should be able to direct you to someone who can help you get situated.
  • Bring the following equipment. This is mandatory and you will not be able to skate without these:
    • Helmet
    • Gloves
    • Long sleeves
    • Long pants
    • Neck guard or something with a high collar
    • Skates if you have them – figure or hockey skates are fine, and we also have some speedskates to borrow or rent
  • If you need to borrow or rent skates, please let us know ahead of time by emailing so we can give you an idea of whether or not we have some that may fit.


Card Name Number of Sessions Individual Price Family Price**
First Session 1 Free Free
Intro to Speedskating 4 $75 $140
New Member 10 $250 $420

Nothing in life is free, and unfortunately that includes ice time. But, since we’re so interested in sharing our sport, the first session is on us. As in, free!

We know you’ll love it, so when you come back then the next step is our “Intro to Speedskating” package. For $75, you’ll get four (4) more ice sessions. You’ll also need to keep being a US Speedskating One Day member, which is $1 per session.

One thing that’s a bit unique about speedskating clubs is that they all seem to encourage families to skate. We’re no different, so we also have family rates. Our “Intro to Speedskating” package also comes in family-size. The family rate for the four sessions is $140. More than one child that wants to skate? You and your spouse? Child and a parent? Don’t get left sitting in the stands, it’s cold out there!

After five sessions, you’ve probably discovered the magic of speedskating and want to keep on coming. The next stage is our “New Member” package. This includes 10 sessions for $250 (individual) or $420 (family). US Speedskating’s One Day memberships can only be used five times, so at this point you’ll need to become a real member of US Speedskating. Information about joining US Speedskating can be found here.

* The free first session and the Intro to Speedskating package is only available to new skaters. If you’ve speedskated somewhere else and are interested in skating with us, talk with us about single day walk-on rates or buying the New Member package if you’ll be coming more than a few times.

** Family rate is for members of the immediate family.